are the canvas, brush, and paint we needed to generate creation. Without resources there can be no growth among ideas, missions, or communities; no progress made. Rainteam will use the resources it acquires in order to promote healthy living and be the pulse of growth and transformation in our society.


is the wind under the wings of an individual waiting to take flight. Sometimes an extra push is all that is needed to set things on the right track. RainTeam will advocate for members of its community who face hurdles on their path to complete wellness.


is the spark that ignites progress and innovation. Something as simple as a new perspective or exposure to a new idea can open the mind to many possibilities. RainTeam aims to inspire the masses to take control of their lives and become the inspiration for others in their lives.



is the ever-changing bridge that connects humanity and provides us with a greater sense of community. A network of like-minded individuals can promote progress towards goals that are supported by others. RainTeam works to build a network that offers teamwork, inspiration, advocacy, and resources to the community.


makes the impossible, possible. By enlisting a team to work towards solutions for the greater good, RainTeam utilizes the power of a multitude of bodies and minds working in unison. It’s “two heads are better than one”, to the ninth degree.


is the oil that keeps our machines running smoothly. Much like the popular saying “use it or lose it” goes, exercise is vitally important to ensure that our bodies continue to function optimally for the duration of our lives. Rainteam encourages its community to tap into its natural ability for functional daily exercise to ensure long lives that are lived well.


are the tools that open and expand the human mind. Exposure to the arts sparks imagination and inspiration, and offers an intimate window into the soul. RainTeam encourages regular artistic contemplation and expression in the interest of feuling mental youth and flexibility.


is the change that leads to opportunity and growth. Movement is a broad idea that encompasses the willingness to take on mental and physical change in order to grow. RainTeam believes that remaining in a state of motion allows us to constantly move towards our goals.