Man down, no, insta down!


We're right there with ya! We've been hit by the blackout! How ever will we get through this?! We better stock the fridge, light the candles, and dig out the fondue pots! Check to see if the outage has affected your area here.

Have some fun with the media outage and treat it like a real outage with friends and family. Light the candles. Dig out the board games. Spend the night in the family room with sleeping bags. See below for Rainteam’s outage checklist and tips to help get through this! Comment below with your best outage tips!

Blackout preparedness checklist

  • Candles lit throughout the house

  • Fondue pot

  • Cheese

  • Meat

  • Bread

  • Skewers

  • Board and card games

  • Beverages (Kombucha, herbal tea, water)

  • Portable radio