This Week’s RainTask  

Exposing yourself to artistic expressions and elements can offer fun while also opening your mind to new perspectives.  Explore these options for some fun artistic stimulation:

  • Interpret your favorite songs - Listen to and discuss the lyrics of a song, or two, with someone close to you. How does the song make you feel, and why do you think it makes you feel that way? What kind of influence could these lyrics have on your life? Is it a positive message?

  • Visit an art museum - The Dallas Museum of Art offers free admission to guests every day, and is easily accessible via many means of transportation.  Revel at beautiful works of art in the heart of Dallas.

  • Try painting - No need to attend a costly event that is geared towards painting while drinking alcohol.  Instead, organize your own painting event! Find a painting tutorial online that matches your skill level and interests, then visit a craft store to pick up the paints and canvas.  Summon your inner Bob Ross!

  • Go dancing - Dancing is a great way to get your body moving, release some tension, and learn to use your body as art!  If dancing of front of others makes you uncomfortable, try dancing to your favorite songs in the privacy of your home. I dare you not to smile!