This Week’s RainTask

Taking a closer look at your relationships doesn’t have to be a negative thing. We’re not asking you to automatically cut off the people close to you, you may just need to take a deeper look into your relationships. The people that you surround yourself with, and the relationships that you put energy into, can make a huge difference in your life and in your health. With that being said, you want friends who make you want to be better and to push yourself. Friends who emit positive energy, and who support you and help you grow. In addition to making sure that they add positive aspects to your life, you should consider how they value their own health and well-being. As you direct your energy towards living a life of complete and total health, it is best to spend your time around those who have similar goals. Invest in people who will invite you to share in activities that will enhance your health, rather than deplete it. After all, if they don’t see enough value in their own life to invest in their future health and happiness, how can you realistically expect them to see that value in you? Consider these tips to make this process a little easier:

  • Take the lead on planning your time with friends - Try suggesting activities that fit within your goals, and stick to your guns. Sure, there can be some compromise, but stand strong in your desires. This will allow you to discriminate between those who want to be around you for you, and those who are just looking for company.

  • Talk to your friends about your goals - A major element of each of your relationships is - YOU! Make sure you’re vocal about the activities that you want to be involved in and those that you’re trying to avoid. Those who truly want the best for you will listen and accommodate.

  • Reflect on each relationship - Closely consider how you feel before versus after spending time with each friend. What were your plans for the day before they called, and what did you end up doing with that friend? Was it is positive change? Ask yourself how you felt emotionally and physically before and after spending time with someone. What affect did they have on your energy? Deep reflection and honesty with yourself can go along way in determining how you should move forward with a relationship. Make decisions based on your conclusions, and follow through.

  • Be mindful of where you meet people - The difference between meeting a new acquaintance at a bar and meeting someone at a gym can be astronomical. Try to reach out to those who are already displaying interests that are similar to your own, and that are inline with the health conscience lifestyle that you’re trying to live.