This Week’s RainTask

Planning your meals for the day and entering them into a food tracker app or diary can take you great lengths towards staying on track with your dietary goals.  While planning ahead may not be possible for every meal, building yourself an allowance for a meal out with friends can give you an idea of what you should order and avoid.  Check out these apps for easier tracking:

  • MyFitnessPal - This easy to use app allows you to search a database for the foods you have eaten or plan to eat, or add a food or beverage that hasn’t yet been added to their cache.  This makes it easy to add up your calories and macronutrients, and also monitor your micronutrients. You can also track your exercise and water intake through this app!

  • Cronometer - This app works much like MyFitnessPal, but it also allows you to easily track your net carbohydrates.  The app takes the guesswork out of hands by doing the math for you. It calculates your net carbs by subtracting the fiber in each food!  This app also gives you a clear understanding of how you’re progressing towards your goals that day.

  • Not into using apps? - Try tracking your dietary intake with pen and paper.  Calculate the values of each meal using nutrition labels, jot it down, and add it up!