This Week’s RainTask

In today’s society, it seems like we are constantly surrounded by some sort of stimulating electronic device. Whether it be a television, a phone, a tablet, or a computer, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to unplug. RainTeam encourages you to actively find time to shut off your devices and focus on the people around you.  Consider these tips to help you unplug, and plug in:

  • Turn off your devices during dinner - Whether you eat alone or with family or friends, commit to turning off your device during at least one meal per day.  Focus on the fuel that you are putting into your body, and connect with those around you.

  • Turn off your phone when you go to bed - Sleep is a very important aspect of our lives, and can be hard to accomplish even without a phone around to disturb you.  Do yourself a favor and remove the lights and distractions by removing your phone from your room when you hit the sack.

  • Plan a get together with friends, and leave your phones at the door. - Consider inviting your friends or family to a game night or healthy potluck, with the stipulation that devices will be seized at the door.  They may gawk at the idea at first, but if you’re able to convince them, you may be in for a great time spent reconnecting.