This Week’s RainTask 

Avoid adding to or creating credit card debt by making most of your purchases using cash or a credit card. Interest builds quickly on each purchase you make unless you are paying off your plastic in full on a monthly basis. Be conscious about how you’re paying for each purchase. If you can’t afford it without using a credit card, sleep on it before swiping. Here are some tips to avoid regular credit card usage:

  • Freeze your cards…literally. - You may want to remove the temptation to use your credit cards, but aren’t quite ready to ditch them altogether. Instead of shredding your plastic, try freezing it in a bowl of water. This gives you the option to thaw the cards if you really need to use them, but makes you think about your decision, first.

  • Stop carrying credit cards with you - if you don’t have them, you can’t use them.

  • Pay the full amount due - Set up your credit cards accounts to automatically pay the full amount due each month. This may make you think twice about overusing your cards, and it will prevent interest from accruing.

  • Ditch credit cards altogether - Despite popular belief, credit card usage is not necessary to build good credit. Making on-time payments towards student loans, auto loans, and your mortgage is plenty to build and maintain an ideal score.