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If your answer was no, you’re on the right track! Green smoothies may seem like an easy way to add nutrients to your diet, but the reality is not so simple. Here are some reasons to just say no to these “healthy” concoctions, and reach for whole foods instead.

  • Consuming large quantities of leafy greens on a regular basis can promote the development of kidney stones due to the high levels of Oxalates.

  • Depending on the size of the smoothie and the content, the calories can climb to fairly high numbers. Unfortunately, since you are consuming the calories in liquid form, you may not experience the satisfying feeling of fullness that you may encounter if you were to consume the same ingredients in solid form.

  • The fruits you add to your smoothie could result in a significant and immediate blood sugar spike and subsequent blood sugar fall. This spike can send your body into panic mode, slowing down your metabolism and storing the excess sugars as fat.