This Week’s RainTask

Rainteam suggests that when talking to loved ones and friends, be sure to give constructive feedback and not just fall into the role of enabling behaviors that you know aren’t having a positive impact on them. The same goes for you. We love to be an ear for our loved ones or vent to people who listen, but making sure to find ways to avoid enabling and not allow ourselves to be enabled is important. It may not be easy but easier isn’t always better. Here are some tips to have meaningful conversations and what they look like.

  • Actively listen. Don’t be the person that has surface level conversations or small talk. Really listen to the people who you are connected with and request the same from them. Don’t be that person that ask “how are you” and doesn’t actually care to listen how the person really is doing. Make it a question again and not just a greeting.Many people don’t actually listen to one another, which makes it difficult to give meaningful conversations a try and dig deeper.

  • Encourage your loved ones and seek encouragement to make meaningful changes to problem areas in their lives. Don’t just talk about it, do it. Look for ways to be a part of the solution and not just add fuel to the problems.

  • Look to discover the root of the issues within your connections with others. Communication is essential but getting to the base of issues we all have with others can be illuminating.

  • Find people who will give you feedback that forces you to think deeper about life.