This Week’s RainTask

A little friendly competition, or the creation of something you are proud of can bring you a lot of joy!  Find an idea of something you’d like to recreate, whether it be a recipe, a design, or a craft; and put your mind to it!  For a fun spin, make it a competition with a friend. Here are some ideas to test your abilities:

  • ‘Nailed It or Failed It’ Style - Use this popular show as inspiration to create something magical.  Find a dessert or recipe that looks almost too good to eat, and see how close you can come to recreating it!

  • Design your dishes - Select some plain glasses, plates, bowls, or mugs from your kitchen or from the store, and spruce them up!  Using food-grade paints or markers, design your dishes to suit your personal style. Make sure you set your design in the oven or with another method, as needed!

  • Flip a thrift store find - Looking for a new piece of furniture, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg?  Look for a sturdy piece at a local thrift store, and upgrade it to suit your decorating needs. It may take a good sanding, painting, and some new hardware; so invite your friends and play some great music while you hammer it out!