This Week’s RainTask

RainTeam recommends making an effort to get up from your desk and move around at least once per hour, as opposed to sitting for long periods of time. If you haven’t already heard, sitting is the new smoking. Just a simple trip to the restroom once per hour can improve your health by getting your blood pumping and burning extra calories. Here are some tips to keep you moving at work:

  • Set a timer to alert you every hour that it’s time to move - Visit a co-worker down the hall, take a trip to the bathroom, or make a lap around the office!

  • Invest in a standing desk - An adjustable desk that takes you from sitting to standing is a great way to break up long periods of inactivity.  Standing will allow you to burn more calories and will encourage you to walk around. However, keep in mind that it’s not a great idea to stand for eight hours straight, either.  Be sure to take breaks to sit throughout the day.

  • Switch to an exercise ball chair - Yes, sitting on a ball is still sitting, but these chairs tend to encourage their users to engage their core, and perhaps even bounce around a little.  For brownie points, choose a backless exercise ball chair and work on your balance!

  • Take the stairs!