This Week’s RainTask

Rainteam recommends crowding out the bad with the good. Instead of focusing on the things you can’t have, focus on finding healthy swaps. This will help you stay positive and keep you from feel deprived. As a general rule of thumb, try reaching for an unprocessed (or less processed) version of what you’re craving. On your next coffee shop run, try one of these swaps:

  • Your morning latte is likely loaded with sugar - Try ditching it for unsweetened green tea!  Green tea isn't for you? Try another variety, hot or iced! Watch how this swap also helps with another F - Finances!

  • Eyeing a muffin or croissant - Try selecting fruits and nuts, instead! Since fruits are complex carbs, can satisfy your sweet tooth without causing your blood sugar to spike, since the sugar is attached to fiber. Nuts are considered healthy fats, they help power your brain, and they can keep you satiated until lunch time.