This style of exercise was created to enhance your fitness level with greater functionally and vitally. Rainball is a ballistic, low-to-high impact type of fitness conditioning that combines many aspects of popular sports today but has some unique characteristics that allow everyone to play and get moving! This is a multi-generational physical activity that places value in even the most unlikely teammates in order to promote community and fun. We incorporate this game into our events including an Octathlon, where you will be able to take part in some challenges to measure progress or dial up your skills and push harder. Preparing for the Octathlon serves as an exciting goal to push yourself further in many avenues including physical endurance, art, creativity, and more. Below are the rules of Rainball.

General Rules

  • 4 quarters - 12 minutes each

  • Switch sides each quarter

  • Basketball contact rules


  • Men - score = age

  • Women - score = age +20


  • Run across RainLine or catch the RainBall across Rainline = 1x RainScore

  • Throw the ball into the goal with hands = 2x RainsScore

  • Dribble into the goal or kick to someone across Rainline soccer style = 3x RainScore

  • Kick, use chest or head soccer style into goal = 4x RainScore


  • If a defender touches the player holding the ball with two hands, the player has 3 seconds or 3 steps to release the ball to a teammate or switch to basketball or soccer-style continue toward the goal.