What’s fueling you? Your food and finances form the foundation of your personal wellness and provide the resources you need to power through each day. Be prepared to face the world; rain or shine.


Food. Fun. Finance.

Rainteam aims to unveil the connections between the different aspects of your life, no matter how opposite they may seem. Living well is the ultimate goal, and we want to help you achieve it by improving your relationship with food and your finances while keeping fun at the forefront.


Where are the cancers in your life?

It’s a question you’ve probably never considered, but it’s a question that deserves some serious reflection. It’s all around us: on the morning news, in movies, in books, in our friends and family, and in ourselves. Cancers aren’t present only in tumors, or even just in our bodies. They are present in our thoughts, our behaviors, our relationships, and in our lives. Rainteam wants to help you find the answers so that you may rid yourself of these cancers and begin your journey towards living well.


“The questions and ideas we connect with, spark our journey searching for the truth that calls for us beyond the facts.”

— Dr. Wilhelm Lubbe


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