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Looking for more than a gym?

Whether you are a former professional or collegiate athlete or a new mom looking to get back her pre-baby body, we have the right tools to help you succeed, no matter your starting point.


Fellowship. A group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest. Whether it’s meeting out at the lake for a picnic, or meeting up for a group workout, Rainteam instills the values of having a strong core group of like-minded souls.



We look at exercise as a fun way to challenge our limits. Our templates are unlike any other. We phase our workouts in the form of an Octathlon. While moving from station to station you will have a short window to move to the next and drop that heart rate you just spiked up from the previous block.

Fitness. Fun. Fellowship.

Not usually three words that go together when you think about your health or fitness level, but with Rainteams help you can improve your fitness, have fun while doing it and grow with a community of like-minded souls. Be the cure and join today!